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Monday, October 24, 2011

Limbo Under Leaves Of Green...

I was walking down by the stream and as I looked around at the many markings left by nature, I felt it as it stirred many memories within me. I thought to myself as each moment is a segment of life , can that segment be repeated? The answer was obvious no matter how similar a moment seems, the variables of time reflect change.
As the ducks bent underneath a branch on  their way to the stream it reminded me of one of my favorites pieces that I had written. Of course the trees are no longer dressed in green, but the feelings are still there in my heart.

Limbo under leaves of green,
under blue skies and dreams,
felt your touch in the breeze,
made my heart stop to sing.

Limbo under leaves of green,
way beyond old memories,
inside I felt a trembling,
no longer stands at sixteen.

Everyone talks about it, it is either going to fast or to slow. Time the one thing we have little to no control over. Oh yeah of course we can control what we do with it, but time ultimately decides how long we have to fulfill our goals.
I can feel the change of weather or maybe that which makes me shiver is time itself. So close and so far, close as my very thoughts and distanced by mountains. The positive surfaces as away of protecting our very being. Like being in a blazing inferno and jumping to safety. Sometimes I feel as if I  know my goals but not exactly how to reach them. I do believe we are all here to bring awareness and that the awareness is not always a positive reaction. The mere experience is in itself away to bring about change. Everyone always focuses on the few major players, but a puzzle is never complete without all the pieces. How far we have come and how far we have yet to go has yet to be determined.
Runs into your arms.... safe, loving and wonderful!

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