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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Arms of Love

The first day I drove down the road in my PT Cruiser, I saw so many of the same cars in various colors. Before owning one I never noticed the cars or how many were on the road. It seems we never really notice anything until it affects us in one way or another. We identify with our similarities and occasionally with our differences. Awareness.... hmmm without it we are blinded as we walk through life.
Other times we don't recognize what we have, until we no longer have it. Kind of the opposite of the identifying with scenario. It is like walking through a garden of roses but never stopping to enjoy, until one day the roses do not make the winter. It is late in the season and the roses are in bloom and I am impatiently waiting to share them with you. 

It wasn't until I felt your love that I knew what I had missed...

So gentle an embrace and yet the indelible

markings remain forever on my soul.


Sorrow is when we are distanced,
happiness when you are here,
its how we remove the loneliness,
with the compassion that we share.

Waking up from the dreams above,
gives to me a smile from your love. 
My heart beats faster and I can't
deny the love that surfaces from inside.

My request is rather simple, 
remove all doubt and fair and
wake up in the arms of love
with you my darling dear.

Placing blame does not remove the errors of our ways.


 I could never tire of love...for love is simply caring.

Another Day of Rain

Another day of rain, 
another cloud above,
one more day without
your love.

Another raindrop falls,
another tear to shed,
one more dream of
the dance above.
There is so much I want to see and do, 
so many places I have yet to go, 
but it seems as if I have been keeping 
 score ,as the seasons prepare for snow.  

Once more I stand surrounded by the 
Autumn trees, some already bare and
others dresses in foliage from yellow
orange and green. 

I have been granted the opportunity to see, 
the magic of love as it is presented to me. 
Bright as the sun and as warm as a summer ray, 
that is the treasure of love as it shines my way. 

It is because I can see the future that
I am sometimes afraid. 

There is an open invitation here in my heart,
where love meets desire and embraces lust.
I giggle like a school girl, my eyes sparkle so,
just at the thought of holding and not letting go.

There is always a place for you here with me, 
I wake to you each morning and at night in my dreams,
nothing could be more satisfying than if I spent each 
day, in the arms of love a place that heaven gave.

Sings>Up and down, I feel like I fell off our cloud, 
tumbling, tumbling down, down, down to the ground.

Up and down, my dreams of loving keep me off the 
ground, dancing, dancing up, up, up on those clouds.  

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