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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Images of Love

When I sing, I sing a song,

the words are sometimes wrong,

but the sentiment is of love

and you can hum along.

I think about the moment,

where dreams are so surreal,

opening up that gates and

your flow os live is all I feel.

I believe the Lord had something else in store,

he sent me on a journey and to the heavens

I implore. Am I worthy to feel his love or

embrace the dreams,where two souls are one?

Confusing as sometimes life can be,

but when I feel your love,

I know its not a dream.


Margie said...

Lovely post, Rachel.


MJ said...

Enjoying the blog!

Rachel C Miller said...

HI Margie,
Good to see you! Glad you are here.

Rachel C Miller said...

Thanks for reading.