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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Secrets of the Heart

I slept in a little this morning and as I woke from a dream, I was amazed at the clarity of the images and conversation. In someways it was a conversation I had imagined many times in my mind in one spectrum or another. Trying to analyze or bring definition to the moment, I had thought was it hunger or closure?
Everyone is always about control, decisions, actions and how we center our being in the mist of a moment. I think of love completely different and how we respond to that which finds place in our heart. What is it we seek? The common understanding, the calm and peace that doesn't sit in judgement.
I am sitting here thinking what is it I am really feeling? Like flipping through the pages of my life and not stopping at anyone particular, it all seemed to scramble together. I asked myself was is the reality? Is reality what I want, I feel or what I think?

I took them aside, heart, soul and mind and one by one to each I confided. "Who speaks of love, such warmth and desire and the joy of life that sets my world on fire?" " I said the heart, I speak the truth and you know if you follow, the skies will aways be blue" " I said the soul, I'm the spirit within and if you choose to follow a new chapter begins" The mind it was flustered all tattered inside, it looked at the heart through the blue of the sky again at the soul from deep inside. "Together, divided, separate or one, the answer is easy, it's the one that you love. "

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