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Friday, January 21, 2011

No Greater Love

I wanted to venture outdoors today and photograph some of the snow scenes. But do to one thing or another, like the camera not cooperating or the fact that I wasn't completed ready for my presentation tomorrow I somehow became side tracked. I began to think about people and times throughout my life. It  reminded me how many angels enter our life at different parts of the journey. For many years I had a difficult time with that, with the understanding of the importance of that particular angel at that moment. Kind of like you taking a positive moment and have it last forever, and you reach  out and you on tight, but slowly it passes. It occurred to me that an angel takes you as far they can and than passes you on when they can no longer guide you or direct your spirit, that is where their job is complete.

I want to take this moment,
I want to hold it tight, no
slipping through the fingers
no losing sight.
I see... do you?

I gazed into the heavens
a silhoutte could be found
the embraces of lovers
from the moment they
were bound.

I looked beyond the
mountains, in the waters
by the sea, I looked in
your heart to view the

I closed my eyes and in
the dark I still can see,
the visions of love, you
there next to me.
I am desperately in need of your arms.

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