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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

In the Heavens blue

The day long has come and gone,
and yet your memory lingers on.
Of the love I feel for you, I want to
know you feel it too.

 The treasure deep inside, peacefully
soothes my troubled mind. Created
of simple dreams, melodic makes
my heart sing.


There is a stage with in my mind where I'm loving you  and there we dance beneath the stars on the clouds in the heavens blue. No raindrops of sadness, no storms to drown the soul, only the sun's rays shine through  in this dream  where I am dancing soul entwined with you.There is a warmth I can feel that sets my  heart a fire, like a chocolate bar melting on the beach under the warm summer stars. There is a story still unwritten  and patiently it awaits the angels to tell, of  two passionate hearts living under the angels spell. There is a moment of happiness from the second I close my eyes, as I can almost feel the love of you right here by my side. There is a reason for the insanity that strikes with much confusion, and on the path through bramble weed I detoured to find I surfaced beyond the erosion. Difficult at first it fed my hungry soul and quenched my internal thirst.with just one loving hold. On this stage within my mind, I am love you and in this revelation  we dance on the clouds in the heavens blue.
It is not a treasure unless it is seen for the value of joy it bring as nothing is more wonderful than to listen as the heart sings. The significance it bares is seen by the soul where love and happiness first appeared and anchored with a permanent hold.. The winter cold veracious sends a haunting chill and yet the warmth of your love is all that I can feel. Mystical and  immeasurable a brilliance of light empowers the darkness to hold us through the night..

We are but a mass of energy empowered by the heart,
but if not for the manifestation of the dreams
  we would be living in the dark


Love is a sweet blend of happiness, faith and desire. 

To grow in love one must stand firmly on the foundation of trust and
seed with respect, sow with faith and step back and enjoy the bloom.


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Anonymous said...

Never give up on your dreams! Dreams can come true.