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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

If Only in My Mind

 I race each night to close my eyes and
at that moment I begin to dream and there
in the darkness comes to life the joy that
only love can bring.

 I am the queen  of the  moment  and this
is what I see, I'm smack dab in the middle
of summer and your arms are holding me.

No rain drops are falling snowflakes to
freeze the soul, this moment is awfully
special and like threads of gold unspool.

If i were ten, I'd run and hide
just so that you would capture me
 and if sixteen and by your side ,
I'd blush while kissing.

Reality now speaking and  a adult
 mature and wise, recognizes the
gift of love  the regal  treasure,
that only the Gods can define.

It gives the sky its blue and
makes the grass so green and
when I listen closely it makes
the silence sing.

I always loved gardening whether it is vegetable plants or flowers.From a simple wild daisy to the beauty of a hybrid rose it is magical in a sense to watch a seed reach it is maturity. Sometimes it is simple, my earliest form of escape, connecting with nature and plants both wild and cultivated. There is something truly magical about planting and watching  a flower grow and oh so much to learn. I learned to relate to life to that of a garden. Nothing ever comes from a bad seed and if you nurture the good ones, the blooms at harvest are magnificent. I think in all of life that it is important to sow with love, to nurture peacefully and gently and to appreciate the blooms as the gifts they truly are.
 Several feather friends at the feeder await and as I gaze out the window I know that spring is on its way.  They wait for the sunshine, the season of spring, where they build a nest to create a new life . The flowers are hidden beneath the winter snow and the trees dark and gray will soon gain that spring time glow. I feel the cold that winter sent my way, I see the darkness of another dreary. When I wake up in the morning and I feeling lost and blue, I think of you my darling and how much I love you. There in heavens where the clouds are gathered I meet with you, if only in my mind.

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