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Friday, January 14, 2011

Breathlessly Yours

Love does not sit in judgment,
it does not boast of anger or a grudge,
it never questions a spirit and remains
truthful and loyal like an angel from above. 
I only seek what was is already mine. 
I once asked the Lord "why?" and I 
thought he had not responded 
until one day when loneliness 
was overwhelming and I was lost and 
feeling blue, that was when the Lord
spoke and he said " time will
reveal the truth"
I believe in angels, though they
wear many a disguise,
and if not for their 
presence my soul
would have
surely died.

I can't imagine there are to many children who have never danced in the rain.It is such a carefree simple pleasure,splashing in puddles and feel the cool rain drops as they hit your face. The magical part of a rain is there is no right or wrong.You can spin, kick your feet, splash, arms in the air or just slowly take it all in.  Than we have our first dance in kindergarten which is the hand holding circles to the less romantic dances in junior high, where boys stood on one side and girls on the other. Of course the introduction to the more romantic dance does come till our high school years. How many people can't remember that all so important first dance at school.Though of course, I am not sure what it all meant, but I do know who it was with, he
was actually someone I didn't know from the all boys school. It was a unique experience when the all girl school met up with the all boy school. In many ways we were not just strangers but strangers to the new emotions we would begin to explore.
I have heard people say " I can't dance or I don't like to dance, or it is not for me, or I can't keep a beat " or complain that someone has " two left feet." I use to think that was so but the artistic form that maybe graceful or not is many times a way of forming a social connection.So there is actually no wrong way or bad dancer just different dances or different kinds of partners. I  call it " dancing on clouds" Dancing on clouds is the euphoria that lifts your feet, if not your feet your soul from the ground. I also found that it was an emotion expressed in rhythmic steps. What does a dance partner do? When I was a little girl and I danced with my father, first thing he said was "you have to follow your partners lead" The crucial element is a partner whose lead you can follow. In a formal dance you have many rules and it is not so free and a bit rigid as it restricts artistic as well as the spiritual connection. In the true reality of dance there is no restriction upon the souls sweet embrace upon the heavens. But than again that doesn't actually answer the question of what is a partners responsibility. 

Dance with Me 

Lead me in the dance under the stars, 
pull me close and listen to my heart. 
Enough distance that I can spin around 
and arms to hold me tight so I don't 
stumble and fall to the ground. 

Steps that coordinate you and I as one, 
hearts rhythmic beating to the song of love. 
To anticipate the outcome of this sweet 
embrace in the dance upon the heavens
standing face to face. 

Confident enough to execute fast or slow 
the steps that make me love you so. Whispers
the words of love and block out the world
as If I am the only one. 

Engage in the passion that sets the soul 
a fire and timing is less important as we
control the hour. 

Hold me steady, don't let my knees wobble 
so, because with my partner I am afraid to
let go. 

Dance with me my darling on the clouds 
in the sky, for you are my love, the love 
of my life. 

One rose without petals, 
a sky without stars and 
my heart without your 
love is a sunless day
of dark.

  • move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance; "My husband and I like to dance at home to the radio"
  • dancing: taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
  • skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways; "Dancing flames"; "The children danced with joy"

Once you have felt the magic, 
once you have seen the stars,
once you shared the kiss 
you'll have bonded heart
to heart. 

Once you've dance in the heavens,
once you've touched from a far,
once you ignited the spark, 
you'll have my heart. 

The colors of my heart are like a rainbow
filled with your love.

Scattered across the heavens, stretching over the sea,
the magic of your love arches to bridge 
the seasons of life from summer through to spring. 
When I don't fight it, the emotions that 
consume me, they always lead me to you.
When you recognize love in its true adulterated form
you will quickly acknowledge the simplicity of such beauty. 
The connection that joins two heart and souls
 displays the external view of forevermore.

 Therapeutic, sometimes it is just knowing someone is listening and that helps to put everything in context. Even acknowledging the trials and tribulations brings a form of peace to the soul. When I look at my own life it reminds me of the song. " the long and winding road" by the Beatles. There is enormous sense of peace this morning and I am not sure exactly what I contribute it to. I woke from a calm dream and yet I can't remember what it was about other than I felt at peace.
From as far back as I can remember I always wanted answers. Not the kind of answers to questions that most children think about. Names to places and things of the sort, I wanted more in depth answers, in a philosophical sense. Why people react  to a situation and why we are here on this earth and what do we have to give back ? I still don't have all the answers but I do know I have many more questions. One thing I am sure of love is indeed powerful and can and does heal many hearts and minds.

I wake each morn with a smile on my face,
as thoughts of you make my heart race.

I lay still and  I dare not move,
as I review my dreams with you.

Selfishness and lack of compassion
make for a very hollow soul.

Because God indeed has other plans...

Sings>Where there is love, there is happiness 
 and happy am I with you. 
Where there is love, there is kindness and
I felt your kindness through and through.

Where there is love, there is peace and
peaceful an I  when I am thinking of you.

Where there is love, there  is you and 
 it is clear how much I love you.

The rainbow of emotions, the colors bleed
 from flaming  red and the blue of the sea.


There are tears to speak of today,
 I woke this morning and my smile led the way.

 It removed all the darkness when the curtains were drawn
and the joy of my life holding  me strong.

As long as I can feel you, 
as long as I can see , 
 as long as the dreams cast
 you next to me.

I'll be happy as happy as 
can be.....

As long as I can feel you,
as ;long as I can see, 
as long as the dreams cast
you next to me.
To pleasure your sweet kisses like honey from the hive
and feeling your  heart beat rhythmically next to mine.

I quiver from the notion that I am yours and you
 are mine and we belong together for all time.

Transcending like angels from the sky our love
came together and ferment like the finest wine.

Rooms without doors,
furniture permanently secured,
 curtainless windows and I have
no clue what's in store

.Crazy days a lifetime make and
all I can only tell you is it's  the heart
 that breaks.

Dead end roads and mountains to climb
and around each corner there is another

Faith led me this far, but love showed me the
 brightest of stars.

My heaven is when I am with you, dancing
on the clouds in the heavens blue.

For one moment in time I escaped the
 insanity that controls the mind.

Because your heart saw into my heart...

Allowing emotions to explore the moment opens the soul up to vulnerability.


I do believe that each experience raises an awareness.


For every heart that listens and every soul that speaks,
love shall rise to power and embrace so wonderfully.


It is okay to be me,
for I am the voice of the wind
that speaks of love as it blows,
like a storm on a summer day. 

I am saddened that Earth trembles as it reeks havoc
upon the innocence. 

I shall have the sweetest dreams for I shall dream of you and 
when I wake unto the morn, I'll be in your arms and loving you.


The power of a smile is in how far travels ...

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