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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Just One Dream Away

 If possible to walk through life with eyes closed,
 you would be as close as each beat of my heart.
The mirrored reflection reveals not only today
but all the years of my yesterdays. 

Just one dream away,
one kiss,one hug away,
one moment and a day
away from loving you.

Just one star away,
one song, one love away,
one heart begs to be
with you.

Just one night away,
one moon lit sky away,
of sharing life with you.

Just one dance away,
one breath away, one
dream away from
We might not be able to change the world or peoples thoughts or mankind's foolish dysfunction but we can become with the beauty of life by strolling the heavens here on earth.

Take my hand, follow me,
let your soul soar free,
take my heart,take my love,
fly with me.

We are the artist that paints
the sky blue and gives the river
it magnificent hue.

Take my hand, follow me
let your soul soar free,
take my heart, take my love
fly with me.

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