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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Think Positive..it is spring.

Spring snow is falling
oh what an amazing sight,
competing with the tulips
to paint the canvas in a 
different light.

Renewal and struggles
all on the same page,
reminders that the road of life
is not always smoothly paved.

Hold on to the smiles,
keep the love in your heart 
embrace each and every moment
like a gift from a far.

Search Your Heart

Look deep within
search your heart,
feel the emotion
uncontrollably spark.

Flames of love
fueled by you and I,
that makes us special
we rule the blue sky.

Look deep within
search your heart,
feel the emotions
uncontrollably spark.

I thought choice
placed me here
and that this life
of mine was void
of one to care.

I spoke to the Lord
I asked him why
the chapters that unfolded
was leading the blind.

I couldn't see
and I didn't know how
to reach out to love
and hold on to the

Appreciate the moment
for once it's gone,
there is no retracing
the hearts song.

So I shout to the darkness
with the void from inside
fill my heart with the love
that makes you mine.

It's my heart that is open
and my soul knows to well
that you must be an angel
that from heaven fell.


Star Gazing

Look unto the stars,
smile in the night
all my thoughts are you,
the love of my life.

Inside out for all to see
the joy in my heart
is exactly like
a dream.

From my window
the world is smaller now,
for you are here with me,
there is no power to the

Follow my heart
as I gazed at the stars,
you changed my life
and warmed my heart.

So entwined
embodied soul and mind,
comprised of all the love
two can share.

Tears that fall,
contain it all,
surreal like a dream
in the night.

So entwined
embodied soul and mind,
comprised of all the love
two can share.

I feel a heaviness
that won't let go,
not sure the reason
the sadness grows.

Partly the absence
of dreams and
heartache, sorrow
that brings pain
to the day.

Trepidatious emotions
quiver from inside
not knowing what
tomorrow will
reveal in time.


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