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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I found this quote online " You can tell when you love someone, when in your love everyone else can tell." There is a lot to that statement, as you can't hide the flow of adrenaline from the excitement of the meeting of two souls. There is a sense of merriment and glee that is incredibly hard to deny, it flows outward from the deepest part of the soul... ah must be love.
I woke this morning to the crow of the rooster, his clock work cock a doodle do chimed in with the break of dawn. I lay there with the room still surrounded by darkness and I felt as my heart drifted like a glider in the sky, into your arms. Not a movement of chase, but a beautiful calm that worked on a magnetic field to pull me close, or was it to pull you close? Either way I felt the love induced magic that was capable of makes dreams come to life. The vibration of voice caused a quiver throughout my body, as your named slipped from my tongue and flowed from my lips. I repeated your name over and over, so as to hear the sound of our names as they wafted together like a merge of clouds into the blue sky. I smiled, my heart raced and my my spirit succumbed to the mere mention of your name.
Fragile is this game called life and brief is our stint upon the stage.I again began to allow my mind to drift as my hand and yours had locked in place and our bodies merged closer to create a formation of one. The pleasure of the moment, is for the now and the living, but the bonding is eternal beyond this walk. Like lava from the mountains, I felt a hot flow of excitement, as I embraced the thought of everlasting. Water to land, moutains to the blue, stars to the heavens and my love to you...everlasting.

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