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Monday, August 11, 2008

A weekend in review

I can't believe it has been eight years since I remember the first feelings that had the resemblance of snow white, laying in stillness,stagnant, not moving, not feeling nor experiencing. Unlike the fairy tale, I didn't get a kiss, I think it was more of a pinch, that awakened me. I can't completely explain the incredible emotions that flowed from that very moment. It was more like many curtains upon a stage began to open, the stage of confidence, the stage of courage, the stage of self respect, the stage of love, the stage of passion. Each segment of a life comes with a mass of experience.
This weekend I felt more like Alice in wonderland, falling through the keyhole into a world quite different then what I am accustomed to. The hours of work were long and my body tired, but my mind filled with new experiences racing.
The first thing that came to mind this morning was the song I have so many times since a child listened to. " When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are" Then I felt the flow of the reinforcement of friends who encourage with unconditional love, who have taught me many great lessons about life.
As I spoke with several artist this weekend, I tried to talk of their goals encourage and some how the conversation always circled back to me. My goals, my dreams.Laughter escapes as a few made comments in humor that tickle the spirit, they said wow, listening to you makes me feel like I have done so little with my life. One of the vendors who did so well the previous year had passed away while working and it just little reminders how very unimportant the money is, as the cliche goes " you can't take it with you" and how important the legacy becomes. It is immortality, I repeated inside my head immortality? Yes to live on beyond the realm of earth which we walk. Many have found ways to leave behind such a legacy, through their children, work, arts, music, etc. I found myself in deep thought, as from the first moment when I held the pen in my hand, till the wind no longer blows through my hair and my heart no longer beats, I shall work the words in the various combinations till one finds it's place for all time. The combination of words are from the restlessness, the passion and the dreams that only a heart can feel and a soul can dance to.

As I gazed into the sunset in a depth that only the heart and soul can,I felt the tenderness of your touch, the warmth of your spirit and the power of your love.


Mark said...

Ah yes, immortality. Truth is we leave our mark on this world in so many ways that we never realize. The fact that we were here makes us immortal in many ways in regards to earth. Of course from a soul perspective we are immortal on a timeless journey. This in the end is a temp gig at best.
Be in love!

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You