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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 25, 2008

A life of Prose

Death, it's on the minds of many, the how, when, why and where,as I thought more about the topic of conversation, I realized the importance was not about death, but how we choose to live out the gift of life. The lessons we gather from the experiences we teeter on, only prove the separation of the ability or not of those who are more willing to devour a moment. Sometimes more than not I found myself hatching down for the next wave of storms that would rush into upset the balance of thought, interfering with the nature of free will. Though choice always reigns, circumstance does hold a few guide wires. I believe that life is a long road with many a detour, the secret is in keeping your heart and mind open and thus finding new doors opening to the path you were meant to follow.
Hold Still My Thoughts

At first I allowed the season to frighten me, quickly it disperses the moments of a day, like seeds in the wind. Hold still my thoughts, for today is gone and tomorrow awaits a brand new song. Emerging thoughts, memories transpired and emotions release to a blazing fire. Traveling quickly as the speed of light, my heart braced for the love insight. Cannons and mountains of the great divide, can't separate your soul from mine.
Fear Not

I fear not my weakness, for strengthening are we,
the declaration of our love, flows passionately at sea.

Distance be the fool, the walls of mountain high, can
separate the body, but has nothing on the mind.

Morning doves are calling, blue birds taken flight,
and there remains the secrets to span the age of time.

Intrigued by all the gestures of interment desire, I
gaze once more into the heavens to view what
gives to us the power.

The timing is right, when the heart and soul
can stand firmly on the stage of freedom.

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