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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blue Sky

Warm breeze,
on a hot summer day,
I hear the hum of the fan
and that is when my mind
drifts away.

Tightly closed
are these eyes of mine,
in fear that If I open them
I'll be alone once more.

Daydreams on demand,
that is how I see you,
in the garden of life,
sharing a cool glass of tea.

My heart beats fast,
from the touch of love,
that I carry day to day
from you my special one.

Imagine for a moment
how happy we would be,
if we could take the moment
and walk right through the

I am erasing all the sadness,
only happiness for you and I,
for we are like  the wind
entwined with the blue sky.

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