Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Gaze upon the field,
where the wildflowers grow,
a soft summer vision
sets the scene aglow.

Peaceful transition
beyond the hills
distance myself
from the darkness
from the depths of hell.

I take with me your love
safely held within my heart
and no matter where I travel
you're never very far.

You're the blue in my sky,
the warmth of sunlight.
each breath that I take
is like your kiss in the night.

The stars cannot compare
the sparkle of your love
which outshine the
moonlight from above.


I visualized a walk,
your hand in mine,
our feet in the sands
in the passing of time.

Nothing really matters,
as long as you are here,
for you are my love
with whom I share.

Season to season,
day after  day,
I give to you my love
in this magical way.

The moon rules the night,
the start countless as can be,
having nothing on you and I
we are eternity.

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