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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Restless Dreams

Lost in the moment
of a restless dream,
awaken in the darkness
by memories.

Clouds brace the night,
no stars to be seen,
the light that shines
is our love set free.

Feel the warmth
it is love as it should be,
feel the tenderness
right out of my dream.

Speaking in silence
only you will hear
the sounds of love
that only hearts can share.

Listen closely
our souls can't deny
though no words spoken
we have out done the mime.

Like a puzzle
with two pieces unlocked,
that is how I feel
like a tic without the tock.

Needing you badly,
wanting you so,
the ache still lingers
the pain still grows.

Echo's from deep inside
of the troubled void
when your are not
by my side.

Lost in the moment
of a restless dream,
awaken in the darkness
by memories.


The loudest sounds
come from the heart
where tears are falling,
and break the silence
from afar.

Reach out through the darkness
and you'll find it was always me,
for I was reaching out to you,
via your every dream.

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