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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Rest Of Our LIfe

Miles of green in every shade and hue,
skies of periwinkle and baby blue.
Close your eyes and allow your heart to see,
the world as our souls know it can be.

Visuals that enhance the day
with the embrace in a lovers way,
from the moment you wake up
till you're fast asleep, remember
the power of a dream.

The flowers race to bloom
with a fragrance of morning dew,
in the garden of life there is you and I,
joined together for the rest of our life.


You don't have to say you love me,
to show me how much you care.
Life can be so awfully lonely on
the days when you are not here.

You don't have to shout aloud
you know that I will hear.
From your heart a soulful song
a melody that only lovers share.


If there is a heaven and angels above,
they must have sent you down for me to love.
I felt it from day one, the uniting of hearts
that speak of true love.

If stardust is true magic indeed,
than it dusted our hearts during a dream.
That magic which brought you to me,
recognized the souls that were meant to be.

If there is a heaven and angels above,
they created the clouds where our hearts are one.
Holding your hand as you pull me near,
in the dance that only true love can share.


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