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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Forever and Always

I have always been amazed how a song changes meaning as we mature and experience. I have always like The song " somewhere" from west side story. I believe everyone has a movie and each movie reflects an individual personality. I find that there was such irony to the movies chosen , whether they were selected by the person them self or picked for them. Nine and  half weeks , was a small chapter of lust and suited the person well. But I remember being asked what is my movie? I remembered responding with " west side story" " What!" was the reply" you think of me and gangs?" Not at all!!! When I think of west side story , I see romance, a battle to win, to make a difference, strength of character, faith, hope and the belief of what can be. Some of the music came to me today and I remember hearing it when I was around eleven years old , but as I sang it today, it took on a whole knew meaning.
" There is a place for us, somewhere a place for us, hold my hand and I'll take you there, hold my hand and we are almost there. Somewhere, someday, we'll find a new way of living"So much has happened in my life and as I try to find the answers , balance and that somewhere special. I sing the song, " there is a place for us..."
I found myself in the last few weeks retreating more and more to my bedroom, making myself my own prisoner. Part of it is was sifting through the past since childhood and another part of it wondering what is the meaning of this existence. So many choices that you don't think about but are making on a regular basis. I know for a fact that the past cannot dictate the future as each day is a revelation that mounts on experience.
It is like a beach in wet concrete, you leave your footsteps that become a permanent display of life. Like chapters in the wind the pages turn with a few caught in a whirlwind like trap, spinning and spinning.
I don't think anything could possible hurt me as much it does when I try to prevent my children from being hurt or making mistakes. That is almost and impossible feat,because they have their own journey.
Thank you for taking my hand, there is a place for us, in the heavens and on the earth. We challenge the day, battle the what is and live in the moment.
...for the place is right here in the heart.

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