Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

... to capture the dream.

I woke with the morning,
darkness still abound 
and I shivered with the
chill, that on this earth is 

I thought of salt without
pepper, sugar without the 
cream, love without happiness 
and my life without the dream. 

I pulled my blankets closer, 
I whispered without sound, 
from my heart the words,
where love can be found. 

Everything comes to and end 
therefore there is no greater or less than. 

The reign of happiness 
lay within the soul. 
Weep not heart the day is done, 
the stars bright now shine above,
no chilled tears shed upon this eve,
for in my heart remains your love.

I imagined the sweetness in its
perfection, no sorrow, anger or 
fear, but filled with warmth and 
comfort,it proved how much one
could care.

No one is more powerful than another 
for death meets up with us all. 

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