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Sunday, November 18, 2012


An old adage is a saying that reveals the wisdom of experience. Some refer to it as a lesson in the" school of hard knocks." As I spoke with my daughter after her attendance at the Cinderella Ball, I felt an extreme sense of joy in her happiness, excitement, joy and laughter. It brought fourth the old adage " we are the company we keep.
There are many aspects of a personality that makes us well rounded, a sense of humor being just one of them. As I thought of the people in my life that have brought Joy, I could not be sad for I didn't have for I rejoiced in the experience. Sometimes greed makes us want more. It is when we fail to realize that we already have more and that the chapters of life are accumulative, guiding us on a path.
There was so much that happened over the weekend. I met up with a few friends who were dealing with their own negativity in life. I felt a sadness for them and I thought of the numbers. We have one when we are born and one when exit. Rather than worry about that one moment, we need to celebrate each moment we are given.

This next poem is for those moments.

I don't dwell on yesterday,
that road it led us here.
Though sometimes there
was sorrow, with you
happiness appears.

The seasons bring to you
and I the documentation
of a life that touches the
heart and soul through
 the mind.

The first flowers blooming
in spring, the renewal of
love when you placed
your faith in me.

The summer sunshine, like
your love that warms my
soul, touching with a
gentleness in an everlasting

The colors of  fall that
remind us where we have
been, on a rainbow of life
that arches from within.

The first snowflake caught
on our tongue, the beauty
of the blanket white shared
with our special love.

I am ever grateful for all
we have done, holding
hands and celebrating
from day one.

The dreams a reminder,
of all we have yet to do,
defining life as we make
it all come true.

We are love fueled energy, 
touch my heart and embrace my soul. 

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