Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Cotton Soft

Dances in the shadows of our smiles.

One window many seasons,
one view many visions,
one love many experiences.

When I question the timing and live in dispute,
the measurements of a day appear to regroup.

My heart felt the weakness that distance portrays,
leading the spirit to share in the darkness of the day.

Reality is that we are!

You are the smile which touches my heart
and gives light to all darkness.

The simplicity of love is in its ability to breach
all barriers to surface with the breath of a moment.

Head to shoulder,
heart to heart,
soul revealing,
light and dark.

He who wipes away the tears,
leaves only smiles from ear to ear.
How can we improve upon the words of love,
for only your actions have proved to speak of a greater truth.

For he who knows when,
knows why.

I placed a blanket, cotton soft, upon my midnight dream and there the colors of life appeared from shades of autumn red to that of summer green. The magic was inviting, it knew my wishes well and cast to every season the power of your spell. Love be the artist, the canvas is life and painted in the horizon, the images of delight. Striking the silhouettes left for all to see, empowers the heavens to interlock,heart and soul to heart and soul for all eternity.

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