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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 05, 2009

Two Left Feet

The love of, the love for, to be loved, the word love is altered by the use of a preposition. Just as with grammar love takes on many forms, just by altering our actions and our thoughts. Passion, desire, warmth, friendship all use emotion to explore the various gifts of life.
I caught a segment of sixty minutes where they were exploring how to read our thoughts by analyzing segments of the brain when we think about a particular topic or subject. Does the topic morph and change or alter the brain signals or does the chemistry of brain tell us what to think? It all reminds me of the children’s quote, “what came first the chicken or the egg?” I would like to believe that the brain responds to both inner and outer stimulation and that is what we review in the patterns of the brain. If we nourish our minds with positive thought we encourage growth in away that reaches through the heart to touch the soul.
Each night before I go to sleep at night, I write, think, imagine or just down right daydream of positive thoughts, these positive thoughts are like an escape upon a magic carpet. Whether resting the spirit or bringing a form of excitement to the long night that awaits, the last thoughts stay with me till early morning.

Squeezing my pillow all through the night, images of love are all that is in sight. Smiling to myself as my mind gracefully traced, the vision of your profile from your toes directly to your face. I held your sweet love; I kept it very close, as there was no letting go of what was taken place. No star lit skies or mountains reaching high, even the combined earthly waters couldn’t separate the magic of the mind. So warm a love it’s as wonderful as can be, the love which holds me day and night is seen in all of my dreams.

The conjuring up of dreams
are masterpieces in the making
The partner is everything,
knowing when to lead and when to follow,
is as important as realizing there is no such thing as two left feet.

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