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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cut from a different cloth...

I have always been one to question everything in life, from the whole" God is and always will be to what part a person becomes in your life." When I was a child I was told, not to question God, it was our religious belief" without beginning and shall have no end. " Logically thinking I looked at life based on facts. It is why I have seen what a large part everything around us plays in the grand scheme of things.
A patchwork quilt is a blend of many threads and fabrics, finely stitched to create one design from select pieces. In my quest to understand and my desire find my own peace I looked at the threads that had been woven into my own life. They consisted of the beauty and luster of silk, smooth gentle to the touch, fibers of wool a bit rough but protective, to the softness of cotton and I think there was a little polyester blend, man made thoughts that kind of melt together upon heat. I tried to look at each as individual threads, separate from the combined weave. I realized that it couldn't be done, that I could not divide the various patches of my life without weakening the complete structure. What I had found was that whether they consist of yesterday, today or the dreams of tomorrow, they form together in unity to create a beauty that is everlasting.
Tonight when darkness falls and silence fills the room, I'll imagine side by side our love in the light of the moon. I'll devour each and every moment, consumed by the heart and tuck the pillow close my love to feel you in the dark. When questions fill my head and I struggle to understand, I'll listen to the whispers as they sing a of love that can never end.

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