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Monday, October 06, 2014

Only For You

dreams in the night,
the stars that shine are
yours and mine.
a treasure to share,
when you cast a spell
and I knew that your cared.

Let me speak to you,
in the way that lovers do,
from my lips a kiss
meant only for you.

Like a summer sun
on a day that has just begun,
allow my love to warm
you through and through.

When the night sky
sparkles with stars up high,
remember that I am there
waiting for you.

Feel the sweetness of desire
each and every moment of an hour,
as the passion for your touch
moves through my soul.

Let me speak to you,
in the way that lovers do,
from my lips a kiss
meant only for you.

If every time you crossed my mind and your name fell from my lips, no measurements would be available as it is as endless as the heavens star light kiss. For you have filled my heart with happiness and desire and I felt it warm my very soul, getting hotter by the hour. I take this time to think of you as I prepare to close my eyes and take my place within your arms via the mind. No distance between us, nor darkness or despair, for every breath we take is heart soul shared.
My heart is filled with happiness as I celebrate the day, that you entered my heart and I was never quite the same. Tucked underneath the blankets, my pillow and I, takes the time to be thankful for the moment when you caught me by surprise.
One with the heavens,
no distance or fear,
for you are as close
as the memories shared.
Here in my heart,
deep in my soul,
the embrace of love
daily unfolds.

To reveal an inner self and find acceptance is love.
If you look close into the soul of your lover,
you will find your own reflection.
The unity of souls ignites a flame
which implodes within the heart.
I love you because I saw my reflection...
I pleaded to the Lord, "Lord guide me!"
and I found you at the crossroads of my life.
When you close my eyes, rest assure,
it will be I who dances in your arms.

When you can hear the music
in the silence of the night,
dance upon the clouds and
it feels so damn right.

That is the moment
when love fuels desire
and causes a flame
that sets the soul on fire.

When the sun is shining,
on the rainiest of days
and the skies is blue
when they once seemed grey.

That is the moment
when love fuels desire
and causes a flame
that sets the soul on fire.

Listen to that music
it comes from the heart
and the dance of lovers
spins the sky filled stars.

That is the moment
when love fuels desire
and causes a flame
that sets the soul on fire.

If the truth be told and
my heart doth speak,
sunshine and rainbows
each day we'd greet.

Star lit skies
a moon so bright,
whispers of love
to embrace the night.

When love is real
and love is true,
it's gentle embrace
knows what to do.

The images of
dreams at night
and again the
when morning
shines bright.


I wanted words
of an eternal embrace,
to script a tale
of our special place.

such delight,
sweet memories
rule the night.

I cannot give you what is yours,
my heart you hold , I  rest assure.

I watched as the wind partnered with the trees,
the branches arched and shaking off its leaves.
The dance of nature documents time,
another season is here to again tease the mind.
I am under the weather blah, blah , blah.

If one word should fall upon your ears,
the word of love would be that we shared.
From my heart I sing from my soul I dared,
to dance upon the heavens without a thread of fear.

If anything should know,
my pillow has secrets sown,
I cried the many tears,
wishing you were here.

I lay here daydreaming,
visualizing you next to me.
It might be crazy that I love you so,
that is why I write the words that
won't let you go.

If anything should know,
the hills of the hollow bestowed,
the seasons of our love and
the dance upon the clouds above.

The deeper the experience,
the more you internally feel,
like the love between two souls
that removed the outer shields.

To touch is a gift,
to feel is magical indeed,
like the moment you touched my heart
and I began to live out my dreams.

To love is the journey,
to follow till the end of time,
from when I fell in love with you
and nothing could compare to you and I.

On one level I experienced a pain,
the ache that distance can bring,
until I gazed unto the heavens
and realized you never left me.

Song that fills the silence of the night,
the dance that lovers silhouette on high.
Rainbows arch across the seas,
to bridge our hearts and dreams.

On one level I experienced pain,
the ache that distance can bring,
until I gazed unto the heavens
and realized you never left me.

I can feel the embrace of heart,
the love that you gave from the start.
The joy memories bring and the love
that taught my very soul to sing.

On one level I experienced pain,
the ache that distance can bring,
until I gaze unto the heavens
and realized you never left me.


My hand reached out in the dark of night and I grasped at what seem to be air. The darkness caused my body to quiver as the thought of you  standing here. Images filled my mind, memories like a blanket of stars, I held on as if by magic the moments when I first knew you cared. Sweet thoughts caused me to smile, whisper of songs we shared. From my heart to yours a word of love that reveals how much one can care.


I am the water,
through the stream I flow,
to the river, over mountains,
to your heart I go.

I am the wind,
from tree to tree,
a whisper of love,
propelled by a dream.

I am the air,
in each breath you take,
from the time you sleep,
till you first awake.

I am the stars,
shining bright in the sky,
a reminder that you are as close,
as a thought to the mind.

I am the love,
united by souls,
embrace of a moment
in an eternal hold.

Words tell a story,
the heart tells of love,
but it is the soul that speaks
of happiness when two souls became one.

What matters most we have already attained.


I thought the key lie in the hands of another,
when the key actually lies within our own heart.

It is the cycle of the monarch butterfly,
which reveals the simplicity of life
while providing us with the a view of
and altered outcome that arises
from unexpected circumstances
which tend to complicate the

It is true... on a clear day and I can see forever.
Choice.. we meet with it every morning,
work with throughout the day and take it
to bed with us at night.
Everyone can change the world,
one person at a time, that is the importance of self responsibility.
There is a moment time where we are granted such clarity
and than it all seems to make sense.
I have no doubt of the love that ignites in the heart
and is shared by the soul.
There were moments that I questioned the " what is "
I now understand the reality of our fraction.
I don't ask you to understand,
just love me.
I see your love like sunshine through the trees, always there to warm that is what my heart believes. Reaching from the hollow, a tear falls from my eyes as I think about true love and the reality of time. I'd sail an ocean, climb a mountain high, if only to guarantee you by my side. Stars fading as morning nears and I wake to the song bird as migration nears. Another season has come and gone and  I note the days where I wait for you to come along.

Turning the pages,
the chapters long,
one by one,
some without song.

I believed my heart,
a collision of magnitude,
that joined us from
a far.

The pages age
and  crumble to the floor
and I can't see what
tomorrow has in store.

I'll go on dreaming,
if dreams make you mine,
I'll go on loving,
till your in these arms of mine.

I'll go on believing,
that you are here for me.
I'll go on writing,
if writing documents the soul.


I sent a whisper to cross the miles,
when you wake up, you'll see my smile.
I sent a dream to haunt you in your sleep
and when you close your eyes you find me.

I sent a burst of energy and love infused
it is full of sweet memories.
I sent a kiss and hour, so they
may find you and shower.

I sent my love I sent my love, I sent my love
to you. I sent my love to you.


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