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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Little Reminders

Little reminders that the dance floor is ours,
spinning around in circles with my feet off the floor.
Magical as any true love could ever be,
across the mountains it brings you to me.

The power of the night stars,
unlocked my shielded heart.
Touched my very soul
in a most amazing hold.

Little reminders that the dance floor is ours,
as I glide into your arms and celebrate forevermore.
Perfection at its best, leave the two step to the rest,
it is you and I that rose above this earthly mess.

Am I crazy?

I wake up in the morning
and I feel you are here
my pillow has your scent
as if the night we shared.

The darkness slowly fades
into the upcoming light
and music fills the moment,
in your arms it feel so right.

Am I crazy?

You are always on my mind,
whether I am busy or wasting time.
You are the smile that fills me with delight
and the tears that I constantly fight.

Early in the morn,
my heart feels an ache,
as I reach into the air
and my body begins to shake.

Am I crazy ?

That my words are all of you,
they are the mountains and the blue sky,
they are my dreams that wait
to come true.

Am I crazy?

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