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Monday, October 06, 2014

The Window

I am the Wind

I see you standing there,
as I looked on at the sea air
I reached out many times
to find you disappear.

Kisses from the heavens,
embrace that only you can feel,
engaged with the moment
to you my love I share.

The chill that you feel,
the dance with the trees,
the visions that touch you,
I am the wind and you are
the sun that warms my breeze.

It is the shimmer,
the sparkle I see,
from the heavens
you are the stars
 to me.

Brightly shining
I can see in your eyes,
the reflection and the
dreams that get me by.

I have been creating small terrariums that are inspired by a young woman who asked me to design for her and my childhood memory of gazing into the sugar created eggs. You looked through the eye of the sugar egg to see little people and rabbits villages. As a child one moment of gazing at the egg created a moments escape. I find with the emotional stress of the day that there are many ways to escape. My most common escape is out into the gardens, down to the waterfall and sometimes a warm bath with candles lit and music playing or a dance on the clouds with you. There are times when it is not so easy to separate from the trials and others way are necessary to ease the mind. My fingers drawn to the keyboard, my mind has me lying in your arms and my heart holds you close.

Two hearts embrace
as our souls entwine,
paired sweet love ,
it is you and I.

Day after day,
I think of the love
that grows strong
between us.

Two hearts embrace,
as our souls entwine
paired sweet love,
it is you and I.


Looking out my window,
this is what I see,
a memory so warm
it melts my heart as it
brings to my knees.

I pray in gratitude
of the time we shared
and the love between us
that shows how much
you care.


In my heart a window,
the joy is what you'll see,
when you look inside
and follow the dreams.

In your arms for the moment,
feel if you will
in your heart for eternity
or till time stands still.

In my heart a window,
the joy is what you'll see,
when you look inside
and follow the dreams.

You seemed so far away,
distant as can be,
until I gazed at the stars
and knew you were standing
there with me.

You seemed so quiet,
as if you went away
until I listened close
and through the song
birds you sang.

No darkness, no sadness,
no heartache here.
I only hold your love
and the memories we share.

No grey skies, or rain,
no storms here.
I only see the sunshine
that you and I share.


I write the words,
the gift I give
to document
an eternal bliss.

I dared to share,
my hearts desire,
from the moment
I felt the fire.

It is early in the morning,
rain is falling down,
no pit and patter
but it speaks has it hits
the ground.

Nourish life,
watch it grow,
such a love
I want everyone to know.

I close my eyes and you are always  there,
the embrace of love and  that impish smile and stare.
You take me in your arms and spin me all around
until I wake up and find I have fallen from the clouds.

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