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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happiness and Dreams

I reached out to the darkness
and your love was all around,
I pulled it close and held it tight
and in my heart it is found.

Amazing the moment
and quite joyous the day,
the angels gathered together
to lead us on our way.

Sentimental foolishness,
words scripted of love
from the heart a chapter
secured in the heavens above.

It is quite powerful,
wonderful indeed,
the magic of love
and the thrill of

It is of desire,
the uncontrolled fire,
blazing inside of me,
from summer to  spring.

I dread winter, the darker days, cooler weather and the unknown encapsulated by fair. In all reality our thoughts are followed by action, which directs us down the path of tomorrow.

Your love the kindling
which warms my heart,
removes the chill of life
and rearranges the stars.

No distance between us,
you are always here with me,
I filed your love in my heart,
between happiness and dreams.

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