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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Heavens

Love is rather simple, pleasing as can be,
a kiss good morning and good night as
we snuggle through the dreams.
Tears are miraculous as they carry the weight of our trials
and at the same time wash them away.
Love and hate both take a lot of emotion,
like pushing a bolder and finding it
roll back over you.

I looked towards the heavens
in the deep dark of the night,
the stars spelled out your
name with the sparkle of light.

Close as two souls can be,
your love more than a dream.

Treading in water deep over my head
as I reached for your hand and found a friend.
Magical as can be, when you least expect
what life can bring.

Close as two souls can be,
your love more than a dream.

Some things you can leave behind,
but love like ours grows from deep inside.
I take you with me wherever I go and
it can be seen in the heavens with that
ultimate glow.

Was it my imagination,
did I fancy you were here?
Creating love stories for
all to share.

It might have been a work of art,
but I know that it was special
just by gazing up at the stars.

I have been known to daydream
of how love should be and
afraid to make a move without
you next to me.

Not sure if it was my imagination
that seemed so surreal as I
felt your love and to this day
I feel it still.

It might be unrealistic
the sequence and time,
as years of life have
quickly passed on by.

Strength is perceived as the ability
to rise above the struggles.

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