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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where Dreams Begin

I hold you here in my heart,
so that you are never far.
Where the skies are blue
and the sun shines bright,
I hold you close day and

I hold you here in my heart,
like the heavens holds the stars,
The darkness is nothing to fear
as your love is everywhere.

I hold you here in my heart,
when I am lonely I need not
look far. You are with me
wherever I go.

Here I am sitting,
waiting for you
to share in a moment
that makes the skies blue.

Gazing at the clouds
as they pass on by
and wondering if I
ever cross your mind.

Here I am sitting
with images of sweet,
your hand in mine
and my knees a little

The smiles replace
the flood of fallen tears,
with the warmest of memories
I have yet to share.

Here I am sitting,
waiting for you,
to feel that embrace
of love true.

Send me a rainbow to bridge this lonely heart,
that I may close the distance that keeps us afar.
Send me your dreams and I'll send you mine,
where we tenderly embrace for all of time.

Send me a sign that you love me true
and I'll spend my life sending love to you.
Send me the songs of sweet that I can
listen to as I begin another dream.


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