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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Dance With Autumn

The smells and sounds of the season seem to announce the changing of Summer to Autumn as if by clock work. Flowers that once lit the gardens now hang petal less as they dry with seed. The stream barely moving, while water slowly trickles over the rock encourage the frogs, fish and turtles to move on to deeper water. There are a few trees that seem to be yellowing sooner than the others and still yet some that already stand bare. The song birds no longer courting as they prepare to migrate south and even my monarch are soon getting ready to reveal their beautiful orange and black wings and head towards Gulf of Mexico.
I find myself a bit restless as I think that Autumn can be an extension of summer or an early invitation to winter. Like a squirrel that stores nuts for winter, I found myself freezing and canning pickles, tomatoes, beets and corn for winter. Putting away summer clothes and bringing out darker warmer clothing, as well as plugging in my electric blanket for the cooler nights that have quickly ascended upon us.
We each have a bit of Autumn in us. It is the passing of time and yet a celebration of life. Like the leaves on the trees that announce "Yes , the season has changed look at me in all my beauty, strong, joyous and filled with color. " It is a time where we gather our strength to stand tall against all that life will bring.
Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling I try to find the meaning of this cycle of life. Constantly changing yet staying the same. Approaching another chapter in the endless book of life.

Shades of every color and hue,
clouds passing and skies blue,
the wind whispers in song,
your arms are where I belong.

Another season comes and goes,
and through it all I want you to know,
my love for you is ever strong,
you have been in my heart all along.

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