Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Interpretation...I find that each day brings an experience that allows me to interpret past moments of my life very differently. In some ways I have tasted freedom to only find that I am bound by circumstance. It is as if my travels bring me back to a certain moment in time.

There were the faces of strangers,
the words that they say,
that left a mark in an ironic
kind of way.

Reminders of what we have
and what has passed away
on a journey through life
that led you my way.

Does laughter equal happiness
or does one hide behind the smile?
Like a masque of light that shields
where the darkness dwells.

It is not of sorrow locked away,
stories written of the trials
and triumphs of our life
that lead us on our way.

I looked to the heavens
to the wide sky so blue
where I dream the dreams
that unite us two.

Entwined in sweet embrace,
heart to heart and face to face.
Dance as one you and I,
as we watch the clouds roll by.

Our story has been told
and to this day it still unfolds.
Like a dream come true,
I wake up to find you.

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