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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Listening to the waves...

The water seem to call out to me
and there on the wall I began to dream.
The feel of your hands gentle against my cheek,
and the magic of the moment that places you here with me.

There is something awfully special and I can tell you why,
as your sweet hands tenderly caress my inner thigh. 
My heart rapid it has a rhythmic beat and a sound of
a melody of lovers on retreat.

I can tell you, our souls met by surprise and the moment
we came together there was stardust in our eyes.
Unbelievable some may say, but I know what
happened when your love came my way.

I started singing and my heart joined on in, it knew that
this was different and we were life long friends.
The day holds a special place within my heart, its the
moment when you took my hand and since we had
not part.

I lay here dreaming of how life is meant to be, you
beside me and each day we live a new dream.
Sunlight cannot compare and nothing  can out
do what heaven sent when it gave to us the blue.

Cast by the angels, bonded by the soul,
melded together our hearts surely hold.
All the love that we share, all the joy that
a soul can spare and  all the happiness of
life when you are here .

By the sea,
by the river,
by the waters,
by your side.

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