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Friday, February 18, 2011

Extreme Rain

 Unlike those who believe maturity replaces childishness, I find life to be like a set of building blocks. Each experience illuminates a part of the soul and builds one experience upon the other. Expanding on our needs is a sign of our accomplishments. Life like a well sought out adventure has us filtering through our trials and triumphs.
When you are very young you are given both freedom and restrictions. The limitations set form a sense of security, as we mature it is up to us to create and form the foundation in which we set and remove barriers. Intellectual freedom allows us the ability to scope as we explore the opportunities that are granted. There is sometimes a trade off when we barter with time and the choices that bring us to this moment.
Our needs are relatively simple and yet they are lost in this mass confusion that we ourselves are capable of creating.  Love is the one necessary component, for no matter what life throws our way, love will surface to help us not avoid but deal with the negativity in which we have little to no control.

Simple Needs

To feel the sun rays warm against my cheek,
and lay in your arms and let my dreams peak.
To walk beside you each and everyday and
as our souls remained bonded for all eternity.

My needs are rather simple, to spend my life
with you, living and loving as lovers were
meant to do. Living and loving my whole
life with you.


The sweet enchantment played through melody,
fills the air with music enhanced by memory. 
It is most certainly true,
that if not for the heartache, 
I would not have not known
what to do. 

Once I followed it , it led me 
to you and there in the  darkness
was my first  glimpse of the blue. 

First to the heavens and to the stars
beyond, for there was no doubt
where I belonged. 

The laughter removed all signs of tears 
and even in the darkness your love
I could hear.

I like the color of amethyst it glitters and sparkles so, 
a reminder that with time love will continue to grow. 
One night in the arms of love
is more powerful than a million years without.
I recognized my own emotions 
in the reflection of experience... only true love remains. 

Identifying a kindred spirit is 
to see your soul within another. 

The extremes found with each passing storm,
reveals the power of love like the rivers
flow from the fallen rain. 
There is no such thing as ordinary love, 
for love is an extraordinarily wonderful 
emotion capable of crossing the miles. 

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