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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Dreams My Love

Do you remember the first snowfall of the season? There is something so wonderful and beautiful about watching the snow fall and cover the cold dark hills for the very first time. By this time of year its much more difficult to look at the snow falling for the umpteenth time and say wow what a beautiful snow storm! As with all seasons it is easy to appreciate the beginning, the first warm Spring day apple blossoms flowing in the warm breeze, the first blast of Summer sunshine and plans of vacations and  Autumn with its beautiful array of colors and the snap and crunch of dry leaves beneath your feet.  Winter is not always appreciated as much as the other seasons, unless you're an avid outdoors person and you make time for skiing an winter sports. As I look out the window I have lost my enthusiasm for the present season. I find it so difficult and that is partially because I have not been focused on photographing or working on poetry etc. I am trying to take into consideration that the seasons are all a reminder of the various stages of life. Soon winter will be replaced by spring and another chapter of life will be documented. Each ring within the trees will count as another year in passing and again we will enter into spring and rejoice that we are here to celebrate the season of renewal. I look to tomorrow as a way of cleansing my soul and forming a new platform in which to launch into the celestial heavens.

You have given me love and I held it close and
like the season of summer it bloomed a rose.
Opened petals reveal the dreams and the magic
and beauty of our memories.
True Love

They say infatuation never stands the time and that it is true love
which is the everlasting find. It doesn't need any explanations
nor reason or rhyme for true love is so powerful it bonds soul
to soul in the time it takes to sigh.

Where one can understand without any words exchanged the
feelings of the heart and images of the mind. It senses the
sadness and can erase it just the same and replace it with
gladness in the time it takes for the soul to lay claim.

When the world is filled with darkness and you know not
what to do true love opens up its arms and is there to
comfort you. Gentle kisses from the distance appear and
like the wind in the night I can feel your love in the air.

I have loved and therefore I have lived. 

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