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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet Love...hear the whispers of my heart

I am trying to focus, clearly I see nothing but hell,
and in the darkness of the night, sorrow dwells.
My heart foolish reached out in vain, grasping
for your love even though it dwindles like the day.

Can you hearing me calling ? Do you know my
needs ? Just once to wake up in your arms and
through the day remain. Louder says the heart,
shout from mountains high, remember that I
love you forever and a day.
I can't keep my eyes open as the darkness calls
out your name, I know that I am at forever's 
door and our love shall always remain. 

My eyes are awfully heavy
and a rose in front of me lay,
a stem of thorns and petals
of red reveal what is now
in store.

I feel an emptiness,
I so desperately tried to fill,
the void in darkness,
and through the light
of passion the dreams
broke down the shield.
It is not he who speaks of love,
but the soul that reached out
to hold my hand in my time
of need.

Spinning and spinning and round and round I go,
and like a hawk caught in a storm down and down
I go. . Catch me my love and don't you let me go,
for you my love are the angel and I the one who
loves you so.

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