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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fond Memory

There are people smarter than me
and a fond memory it is.
My son's knew my favorite song was Amazing Grace, each one of them learned to play it on their instrument. When we were coming home from chorus, my daughter asked "what song do you want me to sing?" Of course I responded with amazing grace. We graced over the issue of death, I said when I am gone have your brothers play the song and you sing it. She said "why would you say that?" I said " because it will be a party, I'll be going to heaven. " Well she didn't want to hear anything about death. Life I imagine is a struggle for everyone at one time or another and like the many I struggle each day and I have to remind myself " I have lived and loved and have had love returned to me. " Every day from there on  is a bonus.

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