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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One More Day in February

 One more day closer to spring...

First went the bluebird,
quickly followed was the
sun and in the darkness
of the moment all that
was left was my love.

Gone is the melody, lost
is the dance and quickly
fading on the hills of faith
is the opportunity at one
more chance.

To wake up in the morning
and feel your breath against
my cheek and roll closer
into your arms and form
tomorrows memories. 

Nothing is as divine nor speaks more fluid in
the tongue of Gods than when I watched the
flowers bloom and listened to the 
heart speak of love. 
There is a fine balance between sorrow and happiness!
The framed heart of silver no picture
does it hold but as I held it a little closer
and placed it in my hand ,I saw the images 
of yesterday like a billion golden grains of sand. 

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