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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 01, 2012

La da da , takes your hand...good night

Is it the twinkle in your eyes
or the warmth of your smiles
that tickle me from inside?

Is it the dreams that bring you
near or the magic of life that
I wish to share?

Is it your love that I feel so
warm, the ones that chase
away all lifes storms?

Is it the mystery of the night,
like the moon shining bold
and bright ?

Is it your heart that beat with
mine, the rymthic celebration
for all time ?

Is it the story of loves desire,
the bond of souls in a flame
a fire?

Is it the light that allows me
to see, beyond all the mountains
and streams?

Is it the faith in heaven above
that sent you to me to love ?

Is it the struggles that made me
see, how happiness was meant
to be?

Is it the journey where the path
now leads, beyond our every
dream ?

Is it your arms I feel in the
night, so comforting they
hold me in the twilight?


This is my story,
the words I write,
tell of a love and
the dreams of life.

This is my pages,
of a chapter, one
that tells of me
and you.


La da da, takes your hand, la da da into dreamland. Pulls you close and whispers good night, to you my friend I turned out the lights.
La da da , kisses you sweet, la da da from memory. Feels your heart beating nexting to mine on a journey that challenges time.

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