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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 07, 2012


 Church is located a couple miles away. One day years back we were running late for church. I had this bright idea that if we cut through the woods we would shorten the walk. We crossed the stream, I slipped on a rock, I reached for a branch and I sunk in the mud. By the time we reached  the other side of the short cut I stood there dirty muddy and frustrated as we turned around and headed back home to change clothes. What started out as a short cut ended up taking us twice as long to get to church.
There are many paths that lead in the same direction,some a little more difficult than others and rarely is there a short cut that will get us where we are going that much faster.
I find on this path I am still learning. Which has a little irony because a friends years back said " this is not the time to be learning but the time of our lives to be enjoying our harvest." But in fully experiencing life I find that we never stop learning. Each day comes with an experience I had not yet come across. My wants and my needs as well as my moral standing come into question as I am confronted with new challenges along the way.
Sometimes we are a train that jumps track and other times we are a steam locamotive moving full force ahead. The memories of life are swirling around like a tornado, every now and than it drops a memory to review. It is almost as if memories are filed and retrieved when standing at an intersection deciding which way to go.
Sometimes I feel like I am on that shortcut to church, slipping on rocks, sinking in mud and not getting anywhere fast.
I want to go back and edit my thoughts, but my computer has other ideas, as it is only letting me go forward. When I think of each time I fell and who pulled me up, the few times I was sinking in mud and who made sure I was brought to safety, tears welled like puzzle behind my eyes.

I woke up in the dark of morn
and waited to see what the
day has in store.

There were dreams of yesterday
and a few that had not found
their way and as I sit here
think of you the sunshine
brightens the day.

My flesh trembles at the thought of your touch and weakened in the moment reached out for your love. The morning is a blanket of dark and gray and as I close my eyes your smiles brings a warmth to the day. Tears are falling and I know not why as I ask my heart why do you cry? It spoke in silence of a road long an filled with despair and again of the dreams that bring you here.


The leaves are all in color,
almost at their peak as
they stand to document
another season and hold
steadfast the memories.

Stories of friendship, one
golden like the sun, warms
my heart each morning and
like a weave of love now

There is exciting, fun and the tease 
and then there is warm, wonderful 
and safe. I'll take warm, wonderful
 and safe. With maturity you learn
the difference between love and lust.
Love with a little lust is a whole lot
nicer than lust without a little love. 

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