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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snuggles a little closer

Sometimes I kept so busy, almost as if I was running away. When I slowed down, I saw all that had been tumbling down around me. I do believe it is difficult to face the reality and accept the what is. One of the musicians that we had for the past benefit, spoke with me and emailed me a few times. She was so a matter a fact about things, that I found it to be an awakening or discerning . I never really saw life as clear as she made it sound, as I always felt like I was walking through a fog. It is that crystal ball scenario, to know what tomorrow brings. Like starting at the back of the magazine and working forward or reading a book from the last page to the first. Life for me has just never been that clear. Each day people come into my life like a puzzle piece and still the visual or image is not complete. In some ways I know what is lacking and it feels like those particular pieces are lost. Everyone has challenges, how we deal with them is the difference written and responded to by each individual soul.
In the mountain there are windows with drapes drawn. I cannot see through nor around them. Like pulling on the cord to draw them open to find the cord is anchored.

So close and so far...

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