Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

hold me...

There are somethings that words cannot explain, 
all that is left to the heart and soul.

Given sight,
to cross through hell
and surface in the heavens. 
Some chains cannot be seen but still are felt. 
The dance of love
as long as you are holding me,
the heavens belong to us. 
Weep to cleanse the past 
and journey forward. 
I love you... no sin in that. 

Runs far,
runs fast,
runs into 
your arms. 

One view from the window and I saw, raindrops, wind blown leaves and the dark of it all.As I looked to my left the sun was shining through and at that moment I most certainty knew, that your love would always come threw. 
The season a marker made, that we made it to this day. We conquered the trials of life and with you beside me it all felt so right. Simple songs, summer dance and the embrace of love that gave a chance. 

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