Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

From my lips to yours...

True friends know you better
 than you know yourself. 

Soul mates understand and 
on a rare occasion that they 
don't they are willing to try. 

When a train derails it is only temporary.
The Chapter of What Is

I have crossed the great divide, 
it is most likely why I am at a 
great comfort with yesterday,
today and tomorrow.  
Mutual Respect... one of the many reasons I love you. 
The greatest of joy is when your heart agrees with your soul and your mind and body act upon it...that is love. 
...like a grain upon the sand. 
There is only one number one, 
the rest are wanna a be's.

It is when you don't have to think about,
that which comes natural... now that is the gift. 
When you wiped a tear, 
held me close, kissed my lips, 
embraced my soul, held my 
hand ...each time I felt love. 


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