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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Growth of a Spirit

This I know that the joy of love flows outward from the deepest part of the soul, only to be seen through the warmth of the smile. It is because I have loved and have had love returned, that I can rejoice as the most luckiest of spirit.

Looking back through the archives and all the experiences and emotions explored and yes the growth that was spurred from allowing my mind to be open enough to hold, taste and feel all that the world has to offer. Through all the changes, somethings do stay the same and that is the depth of the heart and how far it can reach to embrace love.
Living for Today
So many times we get caught up in what it is we expect the future to bring. We are taught to set long term goals and to prepare and plan for the unknown years. It is our vulnerability that cast shadows of doubt upon the day. I have caught myself dreaming, setting the net to catch the fall from unfulfilled expectations. I have come to learn to enjoy the moment, truly appreciate the day, for tomorrow may never come. It is the opposite of living in fear, living for the day means living with love for every moment that we get to explore the world around us.
Today I feel neither restless nor a calm, in some ways I feel troubled, not necessarily for myself or the unknown, but what my response to life and how my choices will reflect on those around me. I feel like one block in a set of dominoes, there are those who are leaning on me and still others who I may lean upon. One choice will affect all those who are linked one by one on this path of life.
I imagine that what I am feeling might be considered selfishness, and yet I am not so sure, that a certain amount of selfishness is a bad thing. It is not a luxury to be happy, to smile, to feel joy and to be able to express that to others. Those pesky little choices, they are the detours in the road map of life, that keeps us swinging like pendulums, back and fourth, trying to find direction. Why is it some people have no problem making choices? I believe it is different for everyone, and how each person views themself in the bigger picture.
The magic of ma bell, made the morning extremely special, I was definetly living for today. Caught up in the moment, sharing in the warmth, experiencing the touching of spirits. Guilt free, faith filled, I thanked the Lord, that I wasn't alone.
It is okay to lift the spirit of another, but occassionally we ourselves need lifted. I didn't abandon the past, I put it all in perspective and filed it accordingly, for there are times, when the holding of hands, joins with the embrace of hearts to welcome in the new day.
I reached inward as I felt the warmth of your love infuse my soul. I smiled as I looked forward with the joy of memory.
I could almost taste the sweetness of your lips to mine. Feel the beat of our hearts as they joined forces to embrace our love. View the images upon the clouds that piroutte with the dance of souls.

La la la

In the charm of the vineyards, the calm of the sea,in the heart of the dream, a choreographed promenade. She gestured with a curtsey, he conveyed with a bow,melding in circles, they danced all around.

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la beat his heart to the rhythm of song.

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la sweet maiden as we join into one.

Welcome my love on the dance floor of life,unlocking the treasure to the soul excites.Riches more precious then silver or gold,as they overflowed, the magic unfold.

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la beat his heart to the rhythm of song

La la la she sang and to this his response,La la la sweet maiden as we join into one.

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