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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sweet Sounds

Sweet sounds of the visiting song birds seemed to be in celebration of the start to another season. The hollow was draped with the kind of falling rain that gently dances on the leaves of the trees, creating soft and soothing sounds that brings music to life. I myself could not see or feel where one season ended and another began, the on and off again rain seem to meld one into another. A balance, not of a high or a low surfaced from within me; rarely seen and seldom felt, I embraced all that is. As if everything was falling into perspective and I could clearly view the beauty of the moment. Even with the purity and calm that surrounded me, I sensed the power of time and the control we allow it to have over us. My mind rushing to explore tomorrow, while today had barely begun. I literally stepped back as if this stance would give me a clearer view of my life. In an uncomplicated format all that is, is all that need be, but time stands still for no one and the daydreams seem to create an image where I found myself hungering for more. I thought about this sense of more, was my tomorrow’s that were waiting to happen the more that my heart wanted to explore? I questioned the path placed before me with the many twist and turns, creating a blind view of what lay ahead.


Mark said...

Time is an illusion. All that is, is as it should be. The hunger we feel for more is knowing that which we already hold within us and freeing ourselves from the external directions that we receive.

Rachel C Miller said...

...an illusion documented by memories.