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Friday, July 11, 2008

Return Home

My flight both mystical and wonderous came with it's own exciting view,but it was the drive back that had me hungering for that first look as I crossed from North Carolina into the Appalachian mountains. The Florida scene picture card perfect, with a slew of palm trees reminded me how much the northern hills were home to both my heart and spirit.
The northern magic warm and comforting fascinated me as if it was the first time I had viewed the beauty. The curvature of the land and the slope of the hills embraced with a special welcome. The northern landscape, adorned with an array of deciduous trees and rolling meadows framed the quaint little homesteads that you find tucked gingerly about creating the ultimate, picturesque experience. This is home, where my heart lie, I felt almost as if I was the missing piece of the summertime hills, the ultimate of acceptance, where the tall wild fields of hay grow stretching to meet the morning sun.

When I thought I would never hear the warmth of your laughter that greets me each morning, I experienced the death of a spirit.

When I felt the pull of distance strip me of your daily embrace, I faced first hand the look of loneliness.

When I imagined an existence for one moment without your love, I felt the shattering of a heart.
As I looked out the airplane window at the blue of the sky, It was at that moment that I felt heart and soul merge into one and at that cosmic second I knew nothing could separate your love from reaching out and embracing me, no distance, place, nor time.
When you face your fears,
you welcome challenge and rise above..

Each night I danced on clouds, today I looked down from the blue to view the very clouds that captured my heart and released my spirit.
As if reaching out and grasping at the blue of sky brought you closer, I smiled and felt the warmth of memory.
I felt so child like as I gazed out the window as the airplane began to lift and all I could think of was you and my heart began to sing> Blue, blue, blue, I'm in love with you , you ,you. Blue, blue, blue reaching out to you, you, you. Blue, blue, blue, kisses from me to you, blue, blue, blue direct to you.

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