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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

..in love.

In love, I don' t have to tell anyone who has ever been" in love" what it feels like, the euphoria that comes with finding a companion of like souls. Amazingly magical the experience that seems only unique to each individual couple has long been explored since the beginning of time.
I had displayed yesterday what I thought was emotions only felt by me. I watched as various people viewed the pictures and writings as they circled back to purchase. The relationship between one persons own experiences and my own emotions, again showed me the importance of interpretation, one word, one image, which triggers a personal emotional response to my view of life.
As I listened to a few of my favorite music pieces, I engaged in deep thought as to life and how our own interpetations take us down various paths, as we are given free will to make choices. My mind spins in circles as I shift gears from one emotion to the next, analyzing my own response to life and the treasures that have revealed themself along the way. To bring loyalty, love and lust onto one platform and to dance in a life long embrace.
Keeping in motion I found little time to think, it feels almost as if I am racing a train and there is no stopping. As the day fades and a new one begins, I feel the high and low of the moment, from being on a pedastal, to the silence of the hollow. Now is when my mind begins to play tricks on me the most, my thoughts consume the moment. My wants battle with my needs to cause a mess of confusion. It is almost as if the train is hitting into a brick wall and you have to get back up. It is the hunger for more, to fill the void inside of me that plays tricks with my emotions.
My success of the moment was based on breaking a hole through the web, to only find the spider was again spinning a tighter weave. Taking a deep breath, I stood back and looked at reality as it fought with my desire to surface with a calm of sort. Treasuring the moment, I closed my eyes and allowed the images of comfort to embrace in a sureal invasion of the soul. The words slipped from my tongue, " it is what it is " . I stepped outside, the hollow has reached its peak for the season, the trees have gathered in a full luscious green, filling in and blocking out almost all view of the blue sky. Rejoice! say I, for I have lived and another day I have yet to give. An absorption with heart and soul, takes your love to forever hold. Hope has surfaced once again and I know that when all time shall end, that hand and hand our spirits will fly, as pure our love, I'll not deny. Deep within you found a place, a tease that causes the heart to race, running, running, I can't let go, my heart is sure of what it knows. Love was released and now soars free, the memories are all I need.

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