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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, July 28, 2008


Attending a music event yesterday, it just reinforced how important music is, in setting a stage, creating a mood, shifting the spirit. Folk music always seem to have an uplifting and spirited nature. All it took to sing a song was to hold the dream...

Sings> over hills and valleys, it all seemed quite clear, a life has little meaning, until once it is shared. From up in the heavens and back down to earth, with you beside me my heart is heard.

Sing from the heart and dance with the soul and around in circles, as love takes a hold. Sing from the heart and dance with the soul and around in cirlces, as love takes a hold.


Twistedsisters said...

To my sister with a TWIST with love from twisted
Love thyself for you are an amazing woman. Never go a moment with out believing in yourself. You have grown to be a wonderful mother, wife, friend and of course the sister with a twist that helps to keep me moving forward. You have shown and taught your children about life in a way we only dreamed of as children. You gave of yourself to your husband when many would have turned away. You cherish your friendships and any that call you friend are amongst the most fortunate for knowing you. As a sister we have shared many times full of laughter,tears and hugs. We share as only sisters can share and with that I say lets go Ring Around the Rosey. Of all that you have given and all that you surely will give never forget to love yourself for you deserve nothing less.

Rachel C Miller said...

It is not often that I am found speechless, so I'll borrow the words of others" It's been said that you can't choose your family, you can only choose your friends." So here is to a family member who has grown to be a great friend, Thank you!