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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gently Crazed

Under close examination, my heart I examined so, and carefully I divided, to let the obsession go. I retained the love you had given, the joy that will forever remain, and the more I viewed the memories in the clouds above, the more I knew that nothing could ever replace your love.
I declare I felt this moment many times before, the melding of our hearts to the center of our core. I know not even mountains could diminish such claim, the imprint, unique and wonderful to the soul has gently crazed.

I am a bit under the weather, I'm feeling kind of blue, little to much rain and my heart is missing you. I knew the sun was shining high above the clouds and though I didn't see it, I knew like your love it was around. I saw it in the timber piled high out back and again down by the river, like the current, its flow never looks on back. I prepared to gather berries and again the rain fell and so I wanted to hide under the blankets and you know I do this so very well. I tried to keep busy, to keep my mind from thought, but my heart ached tremendously as your love it sought . As if the clouds were waiting for me to step aboard, they lingered overhead and I knew not what was in store. I closed my eyes and gently reached out to the blue and I am not sure what happen but I know I escaped the mind and ended up there with you. There you were waiting and the tears began to fall, is this a game of spirits or is it my soul you call? Impish was the grin that appeared on my face and I thought less about the question and more about the place. Your arms so gently embracing, your soul that gestured so and the realization that I'm with you, no matter where you go.
I am frightened of the darkness, weary of the night,
tired this restless body and listless the soul, that begs
for just one moment where only love unfolds.

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