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Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Magic of Touch

There are somethings in life you don't have to experience to know that it would be comforting, sensual and amazing. The simple gestures that come from merely sharing energy through the means of touch is completely empowering. I find that not everyone understands or appreciates the mystical magic of touch. I myself  find it to be one of life's most precious gifts. The way we explore and express ourselves through the many senses not only creates the moment but locks in a memory. Though we can set the stage with the fragrance sweet of floral delights, listen to the sound of the heart beating, appreciate the taste of sweetness upon our lips and yes slowly and gently explore.

Your fingers gentle through my hair,
my head upon your chest  listening to
each beat of your rhythmic heart

Touching the flesh,soothing the heart,
embracing the soul andcomforting
both near and afar.

The gift is the energy from you and I,
ignites the spirit like the stars shine
up in the sky.


I shall not open up my eyes nor let your image fade from my mind. Cast like a lure into the water, is your heart cast here next to mine. I shall not open up my eyes or let your image fade from my mine. Seared to my soul the words of all my love for you. I Shall not! I shall not! I shall not open up my eyes, in fear that you will disappear. My need overpowers my want of you, to hold you close and my love share.

I might not have understood the many roads I've have crossed,but as I look back I realize I was never truly lost. The journey long led me to you and all that you need to know, is that I really do love you.

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