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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 04, 2011

that all things are possible

I am usually moving, always on the go, but today I sat down on the rocky shore and watched the stream flow. The current was swift and with the strong winds a roar, it sounded like a concerto just waiting to be explored. The weather a bit deceiving, clouds of  gray and the sunlight rays of gold, felt a bit more like the month of March than a day at April's door.
Feeling a bit silly, child like some might say as I found the perfect stones to simply toss away. I hoped that that they might skip across the width of the stream, instead of gliding across the way they went plop down into the bottom of the stream. I took in all the images as if my mind is a camera that just won't stop, the crow taken flight, the ducks paired along the stream and the green of the wild onions creating the first visuals of spring.

I have come to this place often, every chance I get, to escape the doldrums of the day and replace them with dreams of bliss. I have watched the falls throughout each season and change a little it does, but still it always has an aurora full of peace and content.

Strength comes not from what someone else can see in you,
but what you can see within yourself.

Fear has nothing to do with love,
but love has everything to do with happiness. 
I Believe...

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